If a picture is worth a thousand words then these galleries are like my novels. I look for the obsolete, the downtrodden, the underground. I am interested in the intractably atomised subculture, or counterculture, that surfaces in the most unexpected places. For all the improvised visual narratives that make up most of my personal interests I do earn my living getting commissioned for all types of photography and videography. My background is in fact in film-making which informs considerably my visual reinterpretation of the mundane and, why not, of your potential project. I currently provide photoreportage services for a number of magazines and publications.

Whatever project I get pulled into, I'd try to make it my own. I do like to travel for in my travels I find the biggest source of inspiration but also the biggest challenge. I am constantly looking to differently render everything I shoot, searching for the detail that brings the ordinary into extraordinary. Meanwhile I do hope that you get inspired to go and create your own visual improvisations whilst browsing through my photo galleries. Or if you have got a project that you would like to discuss, get in touch for a chat!

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